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 Petrezsejem Projekt History Repeating " Oscar"
(Ch. Wolf Tone Viking- Ch. Petrezsejem Projekt's Lighfall Lunatica)
Szül: 2014. 02. 04.
Tenyésztő: Dr Mózes Annamária Tul: Brezovai Adrienn és Csík Zoltán
Abracadabra Of Hungarian Diamonds " Mirage"
( Petrezsejem Projekt's Inner City Life - ICHl . Legend Of The Golden Rain Lady Elisabteh)
Szül: 2013. 04. 06.
Tenyésző: Novák Dániel Tul: Brezovai Adrienn és Pocsai Lívia
Soberss Strauss " Rio"
( Sobers Lamonte - Barnesmore Pocahontas)
Szül: 2013. 08. 10.
Tenyésztő: Bitte Ahrens Primavera Tul: Brezovai Adrienn és Csík Zoltán



Legend of the Golden Rain STRPKR at GF Jr. Ch. (USA&NL Ch. Woodbrooks Askme Howifeel W'10'11 x multi Ch. Carmodey Golden Rain)

Int. show Zwolle, the Netherlands - Judge (breed & group) Mr. C. Coppel (France) junior class: exc. 1, jr. cac, cac, Best of Breed & BEST IN GROUP 2.



Caramel (Mary Countess) has finished the Austrian Champion on 29.9.2013 and
Sir Jeremy ist ÖKWZR Trophy Junior Winner 2013. Some of the titels of your
both whippets until now:




Austrian Clubwinner 2012, Tschech. Countrywinner 2012, Austrian
Countrywinner 2012,
Austrian Junior Champion, Austrian Showwinner 2012, Austrian Champion
Slowakian Champion, Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2013
4 x CACIB, 2 x Reserve-CACIB, 3 x BOB, 2 x BOS
CACs in Germany, Tschech. Republic and Slowenia
2 x BOG X - 2nd place




Austrian Clubjuniorwinner 2013, Slowenian Junior Champion, Grand Prix
Slovakia Juniorwinner 2013, Slovakian Junior Champion,
JCH in Austria, ÖKWZR Junior Trophy Winner 2013, BIS Junior: 1 x 1st place
and 1 x 3rd place
2 x BOB, 1 x BOS
1 x BOG X - 3rd place


Caramel and Jeremy:


3 x 1st, 3 x 2nd and 3rd place in coupleclass


CACIB Graz - Austria -

Legend of the Golden Rain Sir Jeremy exc. 4 in Junior class

(JAMES x Ch. Carmodey Golden Rain)


Judge Mr. P. Dondina, Italy


CACIB Graz - Austria -

Legend of the Golden Rain Mary Countesse

(JAMES x Ch. Carmodey Golden Rain)




Judge Mr. P. Dondina, Italy

Owner: Elke Essle


Legend Of The Golden rain Lady Elisabeth 18 monts old and alredy Champion of 5 countries!


- Hungarian CH.
- Croatian.CH
- Moldavian Ch
- Macedon CH.
- Bulgarian CH.


Thank you to Dani for that unimaginable lot of work and kms, what he has done for Lizzy! :-)))

29.9.2012 Bundessieger: Austria Tulln 2012, judge: Kurt Summer Austria

CH.Legend Of The Golden rain Mary Contess,-Caramel Intermediate Class: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and 4th place BOG (judge for BOG was Nemanja Jovanovic, SRB),

so Caramel has finished the Austrian Junior-Champion with this result.


30.9.2012 ÖWZR-Trophy:

Caramel Intermediate Class: excellent 1, CAC


egend Of The Golden Rain Sir Jeremy on his first show: Best Baby in Show. (jugde was the Whippet-expert Espen Engh from Norway)

and for Best Baby Gjetnes Age from Norway.

Golden Rain SPR at GF

Golden Rain Sir Jeremy

Our kennel reched wonderful results nn the weekend of 08-09.09.2012.
Golden Rain Lady Elisabeth, Eurosighthund show 2012:

Intermediate Class 4. place,
Polish Club Exhibition: 2. place in a very strong field.

Golden Rain Lord Windsor, Székesfehérvár got 2xCAC-2xres.CACIB

Golden Rain Raising Sun on her first exhibition got Bast Baby.

Legend Of The Golden Rain Lady Elisabet at the International Exhibition in Debrecen, in two days:
she got 2xCAC-2xCACIB -2X BOB and 2xBOG, we are very proud!

Thank you Dani for the lot of help we’ve got from YOU!

Caramel has one the Juniorclass on Austrian Clubshow today: Excellent 1, Austrian Club-Junior-Winner. As I haved promised – the foto:


5 girls and 2 boys were borne, and they are searching now for they demanding owners!

A bitch from the previous litter got in this year intermediate class - IV. place on the World Dog Show at Salzburg!!!

Bitch: SWEDISH import, multiple Champion, (HJCHCarmodey Golden Rain (Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale x Airescot Primrose)

Male: The most successful, Champion male of Netherlands. ( AmCh.Nl.Ch Woodbrooks Ask Me How I Feel (Ch. Fanfares Special Export x Ch. Sobers Florianne)

( There are now to Junior CH. and an adult CH. dogs form the previous litter. Their results can be viewd on my home page.)



Please contact me by e-mail!

Thank you!

Liza on the Club Show held in Bulgaria: Winner of intermediate class, Club winner of 2012! We are very proud of her!
In the sceond picture you can see Tony ( with Lisa and Naf-Naf )

The puppies of Lilike and James were born today! We waited them so much! (2012.05.27.)
Lilike gave birthn for 7 helathy puppies. (5 girls and 2 boys)
Puppies are still bookable from the litter for owners with high standard!

Between Liza got the HUNGARIA CHAMPION title in komárom, in 3 days.
Thank you for Dani, who coached and handled Liza during this 3 days!

We have reched fantastic results ont he World Dog Show at Salzburg! Lisa got 4. place in 22 young bitches.Special thanks to Dani Novák for the handlingI I think, without him we never would got this far!!!

"World Show/WDS'12 - James daughter Jr. Ch. Legend of the Golden Rain Lady Elizabeth 4th excellent in junior class (22 entered)"


In this picture you can see the best 4 of the class.

Junior class female: EX1, Junior World Winner - RHETSGIS SHIRLEY BASSEY, owner: Gosia Bialoglowy (PL), EX2 - NIRSE YOUR LOVE "CHA-CHA"!!! :))) EX3 - CREME ANGLAISE'S SYRAH, owner: Jan Willem van der Schaaf (NL), EX4 - LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN RAIN LADY ELISABETH, owner: Gabor Brezovai (H).

2 days, 3 show the following results:
04.07 CACIB: I Excellent HPJ JBOB (Alfredo Alessandri)
04:07 CAC: I Excellent Junior-BOB-JBOB (Eugeny Kuplyauskas)
04.08. CACIB: I Excellent HPJ JBOB (Denis Kuzelj)


James puppies expected at Golden Rain whippets in Hungary -


Ch. Woodbrooks Ask Me How I Feel (Ch. Fanfares Special Export x Ch. Sobers Florianne)


Carmodey Golden Rain (Play A While Whitstable Bay Ale x Airescot Primrose)




At first I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of our puppies, and I want to thank the owners the loving family wehere our puppies can grow up!


And now let see the photos:


Results of the exhibitions series february 16-18:


Jack " Lord Windsor" FEHOVA CAC exhibition:

Excellent I.HPJ Judge: Harsányi Péter
Budapest CACIB Excellent I. HPJ Judge: Lisbeth Mach



Liza "Lady Elisabeth" FEHOVA CAC exhibition:

Excellent I. HPJ Best Junior Judge: Harsányi Péter
Hound CAC: Excellent II. Judge:
Budapest CACIB: Excellent II. Judge: Lisbeth Mach



My favourite picture:


And for one day Lotte was visiting us, thank you for it to Évi:

Charlotte Rose"Lotte":



I am Adrienn Brezovai.

I was born in 22th December, 1975. For years, I was breeding English Setters (Nagytappancsú-Foltos Kennel), that time by the help of my parents. I enriched a lot of failure, but even more positive experiences. In 7 year’s time, we attained that 3 ICH and several Champion dog came out from our kennel. Then, in 1994, we became ’The Kennel of the Year’ int he esteem of M.K.Sz. .

Int he same year, at the same association, I finished my judge exam in the 7th species group. Meanwhile I finished a dog-cosmetician school, and I was working in this status for 6 years while I was also worked as assistant at a pets’ clinic. I can serenely say, that I spent the main part of my teenagerhood working with dogs which appalle all my aquintances. My other loves were horses, and I have a serious purpose to care for the rehabilitation of injured horses later.

In 1998, I met my companion, who is also a great dog-lover and since then we didn’t have many days without dogs. We were dealing with several species, but we had to wait before we met our true love.

Years were passing by, and I decided that I’ll make my long-ago dream come true by buying a Greyhound, precisely a Russian Greyhound. I believe that I found myself in this range of action, because during the past few years, we founded the Cárok Öröksége barzoi kennel. We have successful, beautiful and smart dogs, but I felt something is still missing from our side… And that something was a Whippet. I knew that we need a bellwether for our flock who can make the lazy russians move. And we finally found her!

HJCH-SRBCH. Carmodey Golden Rain ’Lilike’ was born in Sweden and I’ll always be beholden to her raiser for honour us with giving her to us. Lili is the most wonderful dog I know, and in her, I found the ONE. She’s a hip, smart talker, who can make even the bazois to follow her orders. Lili is a successful dogshow competitor but I got the feeling that she’ll make us proud even in coursing.

Lilike’s first litter is planned for the begining of 2011, her couple will be a Dutch male. My goal is to keep one female puppy of hers.

We don’t have any distant purpose right now, we’ll see what the future holds…


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